What is the difference betweeen a freind or relative and a professional wedding mc?

The truth is that there are pros and cons to both.

Before making a decision it is important to understand that there is more to than just making announcements in an Mc’s role at a Wedding or even a Corporate Event.


Below we share with you the differences and items you need to consider before deciding whether you ask a friend or relative to Mc your Wedding of if you invest a little more to hire a Professional Wedding Mc for your Wedding Celebrations.


Having a friend or relative perform Mc duties on the night is respected as they do offer the couple or the client a personal touch as they usually know their personality and they feel they can offer during announcements at an event.


However, it is important to know that there is a lot more involved in an Mc’s duties that need to be considered before making your decision. Investing in hiring a Professional Wedding MC makes a significant difference between a great night and an unforgettable elated experience for the couple and their guests on one of the most important nights of the couples live – their wedding.

  • A Professional wedding MC will make every effort meet with the client in person months before the event. If this is not an option then they will set up a video chat or phone call so that they can obtain a couple’s vision, discuss options, begin to plan a Wedding Running Sheet together. To begin this process some will ensure a stress free process by offering you an easy to use planning app which can be updated on the go. 
  • Leading up to the wedding they will liaise with the venue to ensure everyone is on the same page with timelines and update vendors with any changes.
  • On the night, they will assist in ushering guests to their seats and answer any questions they guests may have as they enter the reception to ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly as soon as the reception doors open right through to the end of the night.
  • Prior to the Bridal Party Entry, they will introduce themselves to the Bridal Party and confirm the order of entry and any pronunciation of names. Following this, their duties will include ensuring the photographers and videographers are in place and ready to capture the right moments at the right time.
  • A professional wedding MC will take to the floor, Run through housekeeping, and begin to ramp up the atmosphere by warming up the guests prior to entry. They will work on queue points with the Dj or Band to and begin to introduce the Bridal Party and emphasize on a build-up before introducing the bride and groom.
  • They are then responsible to ensure that the meals are ready to be served on time, once they are ready to be served they will invite the guests back to their seats if they are not already seated and track down the bridal party to be seated if they are not at their seats as they are the ones that are usually served first.
  • A professional wedding MC will let the couple know when there is time to go around to tables in between meals and keep the couple in the loop throughout the night so they can relax and enjoy their night with their families and friends.
  • Their duties also include preparing all the speakers prior to doing their speeches and letting the speakers know where they will be required to perform their speeches from in the room. Usually behind a lectern or at their table. This is important as we do not want to put any speaker on the spot without allowing them the opportunity to prepare first.
  • When it does come to speeches or the time to cut the cake they will make their way outside to the smokers area and offer people who may be outdoors a 5 min heads up to make their way back indoors as the speeches or the cutting of the cake will commence shortly.
  • A professional wedding MC will always engage with the guests too. From including them on the night by asking them to share some words of wisdom for our newlyweds, to hosting wedding games during meal times. It is imperative that they infuse fun and guest engagement which leaves many fond memories with everyone on the night.
  • The time has come to Host the speeches, not only do they announce each speaker to the microphone, but they also ramp up the guests to offer a big warm welcome as they make their way to the microphone which adds to the atmosphere. They are also experienced in making any last-minute adjustments or changes on the fly and will make every flow like clockwork on the night too. It is time again to ensure the photographers and videographers are in place prior to announcing it is time to hear a few heartfelt speeches from the speakers of the evening.
  • Prior to the time where the Bride and Groom cut their cake, a professional wedding Mc will check to make sure that there is a knife and 2 champagne flutes filled with champagne for toasting before inviting the newlyweds to the cake table. The Bride and Groom are invited to cut their cake, and all guests are invited to raise their glasses and toast to the bride and groom.
  • The couples first dance is usually after the cutting of the cake. As a professional Mc will ensure the Dj or Band have the right song to play and are ready to play on queue. The bridal and groom are then invited to the dancefloor for their first dance together as husband and wife.
  • Closer to the end of the night they will help track down the bride’s bouquet, and then prepare her for the throwing of the bouquet, and invite all the single ladies to the dance floor. The bouquet is thrown and they will congratulate the single lady and have the photographer take a photo of her with the bride as a personal touch.
  • A professional wedding MC will also invite all guests to make their way to the dancefloor and begin to form a farewell arch (tunnel of love), and show the guests how this is done, for those who may not be in the know. They will invite the parents and the bridal party to make their way on to the end of the arch to say the last farewells. Once set, and the Dj or Band is ready to play their exit song, the professional wedding Mc will pay respects to the bride and groom, thanking them for allowing us to be part of their wedding celebrations and wish them well in their new journey Together – Forever.


As you can see there is a significant difference between hiring a friend or relative as your Mc or hiring a professional wedding MC.


A professional wedding MC is articulate, presentable, engaging and will go to every length ensure an unforgettable wedding experience to be had by all.


By investing in a professional who performs these services week in week out, ensures they are more experienced in getting it right on the night.

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John Koukoulas

John Koukoulas

John Koukoulas is a genuine Professional DJ and MC who posses over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He is the director and owner of Pro Dj's Australia who provide premium award winning services over the entire east coast of Australia. John naturally shares his love with his clients and their guests too. He is passionate individual who is a genuine professional and always focused on tailoring everlasting memories for his clients and their guests at every event.