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It is time to stop worrying because you have come to the right place.

I am a professional MC with over 20 years of experience in planning, organizing and executing successful events which include weddings, formals, social gatherings and birthdays.

I will make your day stress free for you, by taking particular care of all the components that need coordination. This includes communication and co-ordination with your entertainment, photographer, floor staff, speeches, videographer, bridal party, introductions, guests, traditional formalities etc.

I will incorporate all your requirements and also engage with your guests on your special day. With my experience you can be certain that your wedding will not only be successful but also a memorable event. As your MC, I also arrive early and stay right up until the time the Bride and Groom leave the reception.

My skills and competencies include:

  • Attention to detail including the correct pronunciation of names.
  • Strong listening skills.
  • Friendly and polite with impeccable manners.
  • Well organised and possess the ability to execute tasks with energy, efficiency and professionalism.
  • Approach everything with a positive outlook, am mature and have a professional attitude.
  • Strong communication skills. I am a passionate and confident speaker.
  • Reliable and organised. Trustworthy to follow through on agreed plans.
  • Experienced in catering for different cultures – being sensitive to the guests of honour, special requests and traditions.

What I do include but not limited to:

  • Prepare your Wedding/Birthday/Event Running Sheet with you and provide adequate time for last minute changes to ensure success.
  • Welcome the guests to the reception on your behalf.
  • Discuss and work with your Function Manager and their staff to ensure key messages are communicated to relevant persons.
  • Organise the order and content of the speeches and provide tips and techniques for the Bridal Party and others.
  • Attend to any requirements, requests or questions that anyone may have upon arrival at your venue.
  • Get to know your bridal party, family, guests and encourage your guests to get involved and celebrate.
  • Welcome and introduce myself to your bridal party, guests, family and friends.
  • Officially welcome and announce the arrival of the bride & groom.
  • Announce speeches, guests dancing, bridal waltz, cutting of the cake, etc.
  • Add a touch of class and create an atmosphere of fun and humour without stealing the limelight from the bride and groom.
  • Help the speakers out with their speeches by giving advice and encouragement.
  • Organise and announce any special guests, cultural traditions or presentations.
  • Discuss and work with the photographer and DJ to make sure the right order & timing is adhered to.
  • Makes sure the ceremony takes place according to your plans.

The question is:  what would stop you from making your wedding reception a memorable night?

Do not waste your precious time. Search no further, you have the right person here.

Professional DJ Big John

wedding dj

DJ BIG JOHN, is a genuine professional entertainer who has been performing as a DJ and MC around the scenes for over 25 year now and is a well sought after DJ from many venues, receptions, bars and clubs throughout Melbourne, Rural Vic, Sydney, Rural NSW and Brisbane. Currently 42 years of age, he is well renowned and very much in demand on a National scale for his ‘radio announcer’ entertaining voice and level of diverse experience with many cultures and natural ability to read and work with any crowd at hand. He is entertaining, accommodating, and passionate about his work ethic, and makes every effort to go to every length to ensure that all guests have an exciting experience with the magic that he delivers at every occasion. DJ BIG JOHN encourages that you meet with him prior to your special occasion, so that he gets to listen to your expectation, what you want reflected on the night, and by using his experience will help you create a package to also meet your budget on the day.
Imagine meeting someone for the first time but feeling like you’ve known them for years almost like a long lost family member, well, DJ BIG JOHN is certainly him. His unbound love for music and passion led him to become a professional entertainer who has been performing as a DJ and MC around the scenes for over 25 years now. What keeps him motivated are the happy faces, smiles, music, and party hard lovers. Coveted like no other he wanders from many venues, receptions, bars, and clubs throughout Melbourne, Rural Vic, Sydney, Rural NSW, and Brisbane, and electrifies the atmosphere with his energy to make it the night of your life. Currently, 42 years of age, he is one remarkable man, with a booming voice, perfect to make the grand and memorable announcements at your wedding.
1982- Hobby Dj’ing friends parties with tape decks and belt drive turntables. 1984- Began investing in Imported Euro and Hi NRG 12″ vinyl from Central Station Records as the is was people were responding to more in the clubs and at parties more so than what was on the top 40 charts at the time. Hired my first ever show from CPN2 for a large scale function for a private function. Hosted my first ever Large Scale Dance Party – DISCORAMA – 1100 kids turned out to the event. 1985- Had dj’ed at over 20 friends parties now, had also bought 3 lights to go with the parties a police beacon (;light), colored rope light, and 4ft Ultra Violet Light (black light) Hosted my first ever Large Scale Dance Party – DISCORAMA II – 1000 kids turned out to the event. Hosted guest spots on radio stations around Melbourne metro areas. 1986- Dj’ed many school discos, presentation nights, private parties, and had my own full Mobile Disco system by now. A very pround moment owning my own industry standard “Technichs SL-1200 MKII turntables. Hosted my first ever Large Scale Dance Party – DISCORAMA III – 1200 kids turned out to the event. 1987- First official Club spot at Billboard Night Club. Created, promoted, and ran new underage hip hop based night named JUMP which was a huge hit. DJ’ing weekly radio spot on 3RHS, with the Disco Show. TODAY Currently BIG JOHN is the owner of PRO DJ’s AUSTRALIA who are now a national company providing dj mc and alternative entertainment in both Metro and Rural areas in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. BIG JOHN himself has also been focusing more so on the Wedding Scenes of late. He always goes over and beyond customer expectations where possible. Has Award Winning certification and can supply a proven track record backed with testimonials and references. DJ BIG JOHN is also PPCA licensed to play music, and is also covered with PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE.
2000 – 2005 – The Elephant & Wheelbarrow (St Kilda) ‘Neighbours Night’ – Meet your Neighbours Stars – Monday Nights – Euro Pop, Dance, House, Rnb, and Retro 2001 – 2003 – X-BASE Thursday nights, St Kilda Backpacker night – Euro Pop, Dance, House, Rnb, and Retro 2001 – 2001 – Billboard Greek Night – OPA OPA Mix up of Euro & Greek anthems 1998 – 2001 – Inflation Nightclub Tuesday Night – Backpacker Night Friday Night – RnB Night 1996 – 1998 – Bubbles Nightclub Fri – Sat Night – general public Commercial Dance, Funk, Old School 1993 – 1997 – St Elmo’s Bar Friday Night – Feverish Funky Disco anthems with a progressive mix up Sun Night – Pure Phat Funk with a hint of RnB flavour 1990 – 1992 – The Glasshouse (formerly known as Simon’s) Fri – Sat Nights Playing a mixup of 70’s classic disco, 80’s retro, 80’s glam rock 90’s commercial disco, and cheesy pop tunes. HAVE ALSO PLAYED AT Chevron – Friday Nights (Revival) Billboard – Party Night Metro – Friday Night (Industry) Arizona Bar (Sydney) – Sunday (BBK) Wall Street – Thursday Nights World – Friday, Saturday Nights
He’s A Great Listener John will be the glue that holds everything together in your wedding. Unlike all those DJs who see weddings as nothing but commercial events and are least interested in you, John is the exact opposite of that. He is a great listener because he is genuinely interested to know your needs and expectations of him. He will make sure to spend time with you to know more about you and understand your taste in music. His strong listening skills will also make sure that names are flawlessly pronounced as if he has been a part of your family for years. Strong Communication Skills Are his Game The last thing you’d want in a DJ is that when you hire them, all they ask of you is to send them a playlist only to talk to you again on the day of the wedding. Weddings are full of hustle and bustle, and if your DJ doesn’t communicate with you, you might end up not finalizing any music for your wedding. Moreover, they may not know about the timeline of your wedding and may come unprepared. The result will be a chaotic yet awkward wedding. Rest assured John will keep in contact with you from the day you start planning your wedding to the end of your reception. He is punctual, organized, and will always be there for you. Be it emails, calls, or text he knows how important the event is for you and he will make sure that it is as stress-free as possible for you. He’s A Master of Coordination Too The mark of a great DJ is that they will make your wedding smooth and effortless. It’s not just the music that they are responsible for but also the way they manage the flow of your reception. John will check on you, time and again, to make sure if you need anything at all. From coordinating with your photographer, videographer, and floor staff, about timing and order of your wedding before and not during the event he will also ensure that your messages are communicated to them without you stressing about them. He will get to know all the parties involved in your wedding even your family and guests so that he can accommodate their and your requests, requirements or enquires comfortably so that everything goes according to the plan. Also, he’ll keep an eye on all the events taking place in your wedding, to perfectly time the announcements and music from your arrival, toasts, dinner serving, and cake cutting to the dance party so that nothing is out of place or mismanaged. It’s the little things John does that makes every event he goes to a great one. He Knows How to Get Everyone on the Floor From catering to Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, 30s to 90s hits, to Arabic, Italian and way more suffice to say John is a walking music library. Weddings are obviously a culmination of a heterogeneous crowd with different tastes in music. Grandparents or children, John knows how to play just the right music at the right time, set the tempo, and make the guests have a time of their lives. At the end of the day, it’s the smiles that people will take home with them and the refreshing energy from dancing that let them have fun and be joyous at your wedding. DJ John is the ideal man to make that happen. His passion, dedication, and polite and inviting manner to each and every guest to celebrate is sure to make your wedding a memorable one. Professional Yet Caring From your very first interaction with him, John will, for sure, manage to impress you with his polite, and humbling attitude, efficient manner and energy for your event. He always comes prepared and organized so that if anything goes awry, you have his shoulder to rely on. You can trust him to pour magic into any cultural tradition or special announcements you have. Wedding day is the pinnacle of beauty in our lives, and John will make sure that you are your impeccable self by offering to help you with wedding running sheet, content, and order of speeches and so much more. With a friendly and gentle manner, he can even give a warm welcome to the guests on your behalf. Classy, humorous, and charismatic DJ BIG JOHN is the man your wedding needs. Conclusion Know that with DJ John’s polite, professional, and accommodating manner, there’s no way your wedding would not become the most magical and memorable events of your life. His vast experience has made him adaptable to handle any last minute changes you want like a pro. Going with him will be the best decision you’ll ever make, after, saying “yes” to your fiancé, of course!
Top 40 – Pop House – (commercial, progressive, funky, hard, disco) RnB – (commercial, old school, under beat) Hip Hop – (commercial, old school) Techno – (progressive, Euro, Rave) Trance – (commercial, Euro, Goa, Psy, Hard Hat) Elektro – (commercial, wave) Alternative – (dance, grunge, mosh) Rock – (commercial, glam, 80’s, 70’s, Heavy Metal) 90’s – disco, commercial dance, RnB, Old School, techno, cheesy tunes 80’s – retro, alternative retro, cheesy retro, glam rock 70’s – disco, funk, rock 60’s – pop, rock, glam, rock’n’roll 50’s – rock’n’roll 30’s – 40’s – big band Longin –acid jazz groove Greek – Kalamatiana, Syrta, Hasaposevika, Hasapika, Zembekika, Tsiftetelia, Rembetika, Arabica, Tsamika, Iperotika, Pontiaka, Nisiotika. Italian – Trantellas, Tangos, Waltzes, Chicken Dance, Carnival Music Arabic – Belly Dance, Dabkhe (Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraq)




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