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Terms of Agreement
1. Client agrees to pay balance in full on or before <date_adder:-14><event_date></date_adder>. Abell DJ Company, LLC holds the right to terminate this contract if client fails to pay balance on or before <date_adder:-14><event_date></ date_adder>.
2. Client must return signed contract and <retainer_fee> non-refundable retainer payment before reservation is confirmed by <due_date>. If contract and retainer fees is not received by <due_date> Abell DJ Company, LLC holds the right to terminate this contract.
3. We ask that the client, stay until end of event in case of any problems that may occur.
4. The agreement of Abell DJ Company, LLC to perform is subject to  accidents, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond their control. Abell DJ Company will make every effort to reschedule the event date but will not be held legally or financially responsible if the rescheduled date is unavailable.
5. It is understood that this is a "Rain or Shine" event, and Abell DJ Company, LLC's compensation is in no way affected by inclement weather. For outdoor performances, Client shall provide overhead shelter for setup area. Abell DJ Company, LLC reserves the right, in good faith, to stop or cancel the performance should the weather pose a potential danger to him, the equipment, or audience. Every effort will be made to continue the performance. However, safety is paramount in all decisions. Abell DJ Company, LLC's compensation will not be affected by such cancellation.
6. Client ensures venue has all appropriate amplified music licensing and performance permits.
7. Client agrees to ensure the security of the performance area and allows Abell DJ Company, LLC the option to terminate performance if client, their agents, or guests interfere, impede, or constitute a nuisance to Abell DJ Company, LLC or their representative where the integrity, quality, or safety of Abell DJ Company, LLC equipment and/or performance shall be affected. Client shall pay the total performance fee even where the length of performance is terminated early by client. It is hereby further agreed; that the Client shall be held liable for any injury or damages to Abell DJ Company, LLC, or property of Abell DJ Company, LLC or their representative, while on the premises of said engagement, if damage is caused by Client or guest, members of his organization, engagement invitees, client employees, or any other party in attendance.
8. If client fails to pay balance in full on or before <date_adder:-14><event_date></date_adder> a $45 past due fee will be associated every 7 days until balance is paid in full. Client will be held responsible for all court fees, legal fees, and collection costs incurred by Abell DJ Company, LLC related to this agreement. Client shall be charged $35 for each bounced check plus a $25 service charge for each collection notice. Abell DJ Company, LLC holds the right to use any previous payment methods to recover any funds owed.
9. If services are canceled by client on or before <date_adder:-30><event_date></date_adder>, refund of any payments made shall not be given. If services are canceled after <date_adder:-30><event_date></date_adder>, full contract total is due.
10. Approval of on-site overtime for each service is to be agreed upon between client and Abell DJ Company, LLC and is payable to Abell DJ Company, LLC before overtime begins.
11. This agreement guarantees that Abell DJ Company, LLC will be ready to perform at the start time of the engagement. If Client or venue requires Abell DJ Company, LLC to complete setup more than one hour before the start time, or to postpone takedown more than one hour after the end time indicated, the additional time will be charged at the rate of $50 per half hour per service.
12. All service duration time is "Up to" total amount of service hours. Client agrees if permission is granted by said client to end service times early regardless of how many hours were received, total contract amount is due.
13. Client and Abell DJ Company, LLC agree that this contract is not subject to cancellation unless both parties have agreed to such cancellation in writing and subject to Section 9 of this Agreement. In the event the client breaches the contract, he or she shall pay Abell DJ Company, LLC the full contract value.
14. All final and additional payments are to be payable to Abell DJ Company, LLC in the form of check, cash, or money order, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties within this contract. If additional payment is agreed to be made by credit card, an additional 3% Convenience Fee will be added to the total charge amount.
15. Wireless interference - Because FCC regulation, Abell DJ Company, LLC cannot be held liable or responsible for any wireless interference that can interrupt performance or service.
16. Rescheduling services resulting from cancelled event on <event_date>: Client may re-schedule contracted services on or before <date_adder:365><event_date></date_adder>. Client may apply all payments made towards the re-scheduled event. Re-negotiation of the contract may apply. If Abell DJ Company, LLC is unable to fulfill rescheduled date, cancellation policy in section 9 applies.
17. This contract is set in force on today's date, <date_short>, and will supersede contract <event_id> signed before <date_short> by said client and Abell DJ Company, LLC. All superseded contracts will be terminated as of <date_short>.

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