Nothing should compromise the magic of your special day, especially the stress of planning and management. Don’t fret, Vibo has come to your rescue. With the use of this app, gone are the days where you’ll jump around from emailing, calling and texting your DJ for finalizing the nitty gritty details of which music to be played while planning your wedding.

Plan Your Event with Vibo

Let’s be honest we live in the 21st century and getting lost under myriads of papers for deciding music and planning events doesn’t really seem our way when apps can make our lives much smoother and stress-free.

With Vibo, your DJ will create the event template for you and set up all the different sections that are a part of your event. This will allow you to have a neat timeline while all the music searching, choosing, and organizing, of your event, will take place in just one place. You can even change of the order and time of any event section within the app.

Easy and Free Access

What’s even cooler about this app is the way you can access it. Obviously, it’s free. Your DJ will simply send you a link which you can use to download the app easily. Following that is a no-fuss profile making, which you can also do via Facebook. This will directly lead you to your event where a user-friendly interface will highlight the main details of your event such as time, date, and place.

Choosing Music Has Never Been this Easy

The best part about Vibo is that the way you can choose music here will save you loads of time. For starters, Vibo has its own library of curated music which has songs for almost every event. Don’t know what to play for cake-cutting or your father-daughter dance? Just go to the particular event section, and Vibo will suggest you thousands of songs from its own library of curated songs.

Already have a Spotify playlist? Don’t worry you can import that directly to Vibo, at the touch of a button. And with YouTube as its search engine, you guessed it there’s basically no song that you won’t be able to find.

Do Days of Work in Hours

Not only will you accomplish days and days of work in just a matter of hours or even minutes but you’ll also stop pulling your hair in frustration. That is why you need Vibo whenever you are planning almost any event from weddings, to sweet 16s, proms, reunion parties, kids parties, and the list is endless.

Vibo is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to music and event planning. With the added feature of putting notes, you can let your DJ know whether you want a song dedicated to your best friend, or maybe you don’t want a song played at all. Life sounds much simpler now, doesn’t it? That’s because Vibo makes everything easier for you.

Invite Your Friends to Join the Fun

With Vibo, you don’t have to take the load of doing everything all alone. Everything is designed in a way to make you as relaxed as possible. How does Vibo do that? Well, you can invite your friends and family members via sms or email, to the app to help you. They can add songs and then even like them so that you and the DJ can rock the event with the guests’ hot favorites.

Use Vibo On the Go

Whether you hear a great song while shopping for your wedding and want that to become a part of your playlist, don’t wait, just get your app out and add it then and there in a matter of seconds. Vibo is designed for planners who are always on the go and want to accomplish each task smoothly, perfectly, and easily.


It’s a game-changer in the music and event planning industry. Whenever choosing a DJ, make sure they have Vibo so that half your troubles can melt away. You can check out further how this app will make your life easier by watching this video. Remember, events are meant to be enjoyed, and Vibo will make sure that’s exactly what happens!