How do i choose the right DJ for my event?

A DJ will play a crucial role in the success of your next event so it is important to find the right DJ. 

Have you heard the term? A DJ will make or break your night. So what is the difference between any DJ and a DJ to fit my needs?

This blog will explain why it’s important for people to understand the importance of hiring the right DJ. There are so many different types of DJs out there and it important to hire one that fits your needs.

The DJ you book for your wedding, party, or other event might be the deciding factor between having a good time and spectacular time. Usually if you are seeking average priced DJ’s then they will provide average level services.

Here are a few items that will help you with choosing someone who will fit your requirements weather it’s a chilled relaxed vibe or if you are seeking an energetic dance floor all night long.

What is the number one tip in finding a DJ?

So you’re having a big event and you want the perfect DJ to perform at your venue. But where do you find the right DJ to fit your event? Obviously, there are tons of DJs out there, so you have to start with the basics.

First, you need to determine the style of music you would like at your event. Let’s take multicultural music for example.

  • How experienced is the DJ in playing the music?
  • Am you happy to settle for someone who is not experienced and just give them a playlist of Spotify?

Weather your event is a wedding or a corporate event the best way to find a DJ is to read their social media reviews such as Instagram, Google or their website for reviews and ensure they are experienced enough to play the specific music requirements for your event.


Finding the best DJ for your event can be a daunting task. It’s not like you can just walk into a shop and pick the first one that looks good. You want to make sure you are hiring the right kind of DJ that is perfect for your event. Before you hire a DJ, make sure you know what you are looking for in a DJ.

The first thing you want to make sure is that they have a good mix of music. You don’t want every song sounding the same or switching genres in the middle of a song.

You want a DJ that:

  • Can read the crowd and play music that will get people on the dance floor.
  • Is willing to incorporate your playlist and even take requests from your guests on the night too.
  • Is on time and prepared for your event.
  • Will check in with you at least a couple of times to go over your timeline and songs selections with you.
  • Able to respond on the fly and manage a wide range of difficulties if you have a complicated event.
  • Uses top quality commercial grade DJ equipment (sound and lighting).

These are a few of the things you want to make sure of when you are looking for a DJ.

Questions you may also ask are:

  • Do you have any images they can share with you with their set ups?
  • Do they carry back up gear just in case something goes wrong at your event?

For additional questions you should be asking DJ’s visit our  FAQs page.

How do you pick a DJ for your wedding?

So you’ve decided to hire a wedding DJ – great! It’s always a good idea to hire a professional because you want to be sure that you and your guests have a good time. Not to mention that your DJ may also be your main point of contact and will be coordinating all of the music and other activities for your reception. But how do you know which DJ is right for you?

The first thing you need to do is understand that there is a difference between a DJ ONLY and a DJ & MC service. You may think the DJ will also MC for you. What does MC services include? Do I need MC services also? You will need to ask them if they will include both services at your event and be clear on what they will cover for you.

Do you want to leave it up to the DJ on the night?

Most DJs will cover basic announcements such as welcoming the guests, host the speeches and thank your guests for attending at the end of the night. Please note this is not considered ‘MC services’. There are considered basic announcements.

There is a significant difference in a DJ ONLY service, MC ONLY service and having someone perform both duties for you and here is a break down for you.

  • A DJ is responsible for the music, reading a crowd and through experience creating a full and fun filled dance floor. They will have your preferred song selection and playlist pre organized and incorporate most of your songs throughout the night at the right time to deliver a fun and energetic dancefloor for you and you guests.
  • A separate MC will be responsible for the co-ordination and flow of your night. Some of their duties include guest engagement, co-ordinating with your vendors such as photographers and ensuring they are ready to go on point to capture the classic moments.

Furthermore, they will keep you informed throughout the night so you can relax and enjoy your night with your loved ones on the most important night of your lives.

You will also find that there are DJs who also offer MC services too. They are usually professionals who have may years of experience in performing both duties at any event.

  • Are you keen on saving money for your entertainment at your event? Having the one person perform both duties will not only help you achieve this but also allow you to have one focal person who is responsible for all of your entertainment needs at your event.
  • Would you rather have a separate Dj and MC so that they can focus on their duties individually? If you hire a DJ and a separate MC, you will need to make sure that they work well together and don’t step on each other’s toes. Ask them if they have worked together before?

Ultimately once you have reviewed the DJs that are experienced enough to cater for your requirements you should invest time with them online or in person to discuss the finer details and ensure that they are also the right personality type for you too.

Want to have a chat someone who may be the right fit for you? – feel free to email or speak with a genuine professional DJ at a time that suits you.

Working with a wedding DJ vs a party DJ.

Most people are mistaken when they think there is one type of DJ for every event. The truth is that there are two different categories of DJ which are Wedding DJs and Party DJs. Although they have similar job descriptions, there are some fundamental differences between the two that you need to be aware of.

  • Firstly, a Party DJ is solely focused on playing popular music that the guest will appeal to on the night. They are experienced enough to read a crowd and also happy to take request on the night.
  • A wedding DJ not only will cover this but will also ensure that everything runs on time and smoothly at a wedding. They are experienced in how to pull things together should there be any sudden changes to the running time of the night and know how to adapt or improvise on the fly.
  • Knowing what songs to play at the right time to build energy and a fun filled dancefloor is comes with experience and knowing cultures, genres and reading crowds. A highly experienced/professional wedding DJ will go to every length to deliver your perfect entertainment experience.

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