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There is a big difference between the audio equipment you have at home and the equipment the professional DJ/MC uses. Professional audio equipment is built to go on the road day in and day out. Be sure to ask about the sound equipment, even if you aren’t “stereo smart” you’ll be able to tell the difference.

All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complications at a later date. This insures you that the DJ/MC will show up. If you don’t have a contract, it’s a pretty good chance they might find a higher paying job and give you the slip. References are also an important part of any service business and your DJ/MC should be able to provide you with current names and phone numbers.

It is important that your entertainer looks the part by dressing in formal or semi-formal attire, according to your theme. Don’t assume the DJ/MC will be properly dressed. Be sure to ask what he or she will be wearing.

A professional DJ/MC can’t possibly know everything there is to know about all music styles and entertainment. They should be willing to listen to your ideas and input and incorporate them into the event.
They should also listen to your requests and play them where they are appropriate.
Keep in mind if you have a lot of requests the DJ/MC may not be able to play all of them.
Believe it or not there are some DJ services that will not play any requests.
Also beware of services that have you fill out a song request list. Often this is the only music they will bring. So if you want to hear something you forgot to write down, they may not have it on the night.
Our music selection is one of the largest with over 38,000 selections all on compact disc from the 30′s to current hits. It’s also important to have a variety of music especially to also cater for your guest too. Popular Wedding genres are: top-40, commercial dance, house, pop, disco, retro, country, jazz, rnb, rock etc.

A professional DJ will become involved in the planning of your function and will be prepared to handle any announcements or special events on that day. A guideline of the formalities should be discussed ahead of time and also supplied to you in writing before your Wedding Night.

How many times have you heard about the entertainment being late, or not even showing up?
This is probably because they are unreliable, or it happened because the DJ/MC booked an event before yours and ran overtime. Make sure your entertainment is set up prior to any guests arriving and ready to start when you want them to. Also make sure to ask if the DJ/MC has ever cancelled shows in the past.
If they have they may be double booking shows and taking the one that pays the most.

This is really scary if half way through the party something happens to the sound equipment, what will you do? Well if the DJ/MC doesn’t carry a back-up system the party is over. If the DJ/MC has a back-up system the party is only interrupted for a few minutes while he changes a component or replaces the system. Even professional equipment can fail on occasion, so it is very important to know whether your DJ/MC has a spare system available to them. Any number of circumstances may arise between the time you booked your DJ/MC to the time of the event. Make sure the DJ/MC has a back-up plan in case of illness or accident.

The biggest concern voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ/MC knows to keep the volume at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during cocktails and the dinner hour.

A professional DJ/MC is aware that they can’t possibly know every aspect of music and entertainment.
Your input and suggestions should be welcome

If you thought about renting or borrowing all the necessary components, or “doing it yourself”, you would most likely end up spending a lot of money and be quite disappointed with the results.
All the above devices are not substitute for a professional entertainer creating a show specially designed for you and your guests. There is constant starting and stopping of music, no flow of atmosphere in the room, and no BEAT MIXING of the music for you. You should be completely comfortable with your DJ/MC, who you choose for your wedding reception or special event as they will have greater impact and control of the dance floor on the night for you than any other forms of entertainment.

You should expect to get a call back or an Email back within 24 hours. Not all DJ’s are “full-time”, many are out working their “day jobs” and may not be able to return your call within an hour or two. You may want to ask them about their availability to you for answering questions and handling any problems that may arise, always confirm that there will be no conflict of interests on your chosen date.

Some DJ/MCs invite clients to see them at other receptions whilst they are performing. However, most DJs refuse to do this. Two problems with “visiting” is the fact that the reception you see is created specifically for an entirely different group than you and your guests. It is a significant imposition to invite strangers to someone elses wedding. Most clients would not like to have uninvited guests turn up at their wedding, especially where it is to benefit the DJ/MC they are paying.

The best way to judge a prospective D/MCJ is an in-person meeting which will help you to determine if you will be comfortable with them. This allows you to judge his/her appearance, posture, manners, speaking ability, and knowledge of receptions and music. A professional DJ should be friendly, personable, and easy to talk with. He should actively listen to your concerns and address them in a positive manner. He also should be able to explain the basic order of events, and what his strategy is for making your reception unique and special. A true professional is flexible and will always have more than one way to accomplish a goal.

There is NOTHING worse in the world than having to worry about things you shouldn’t have to,
You are hiring a professional and your worries should end right there. Choosing the person who “feels” right is the most important factor in picking the right entertainer for your party or reception. The DJ/MC you choose should be very open about what he/she can do for you and should volunteer information and “show” you that knowledge base. Is the person knowledgeable about your type of event? There are all kinds of DJ’s. Club DJ’s, Wedding DJ’s, Rave DJ’s, Radio DJ’s…the list is long and varied! Can the DJ/MC you interview handle your type of event? Ask the DJ/MC how many events of your type that they have done.

In a good interview, the DJ/MC should show you several documents. First and foremost is a RUNNING SHEET.
This RUNNING SHEET should impress you to the point where you begin to understand that the DJ/MC you are hiring is a professional, and is capable of handling your event. A sample copy of the AGREEMENT to be used should be available as well as a schedule of pricing information. And a SONG SELECTION sheets, for formalities at weddings, or, even is willing to take your requests prior to function at the interview stage for your special night.

Many DJ’s do not use music play-lists, others do. In some fashion you need to be assured that the DJ/MC you hire not only has a sizable library, but has a wide variety of music especially selected for function, where many different styles of music and guests will be in the same room together.

A professional DJ/MC is ALWAYS willing to discuss your event at any time before the event starts, and should display the flexibility to accommodate changes and help you solve problems. Consultations with your DJ are of paramount importance to a successful event.

This is the most common complaint about the DJ industry today. The person you meet turns out NOT to be the performer that actually does your show. Often, you are not aware of this. Ask the DJ you interview if they will be the actual person performing, or is the event to be handed off to someone else. You need to know this UP FRONT before you sign a contract.

Is your DJ a single operator or a “multi-op” with more than one system and more than one entertainer? Full-Time or Part-Time? This can be an important consideration. You need to be certain that you are going to be the priority on your special day, whichever service you choose.

There are two basic approaches to DJ’ing. The first is to develop a show that seems to work for the majority of parties and stick to that formula. This is often referred to as “cookie cutter” DJ’ing. It is most often seen executed by less experienced entertainers who are still finding themselves.

The other approach is to use a well organized “flexible planning” format with a variety of options. In this approach, the Client decides what special events they do or do not want. They also choose a limited number of songs (usually 10-20) that they feel would be appreciated by their guests. The DJ can always play other requests, using discretion as to what is appropriate to the spirit of the event. The key to this approach is to balance the preferences of the Client with those of their guests. This is most often utilized by the more experienced entertainers.

Your DJ/MC should be able to speak in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner. They must be able to introduce you and your guests and make announcements that are easy to understand in a noisy room. They should also be able to grab the attention of your guests, and enunciate and project their message with a positive attitude.

Simply put, a professional DJ should dress appropriately to your event (formal wear for a wedding, etc.); be set up and ready before your guests arrive; use a setup procedure that is unobtrusive, safe and orderly; and treat you, your guests and other vendors with respect. He/she should be polite and able to handle adversity in a calm, unobtrusive manner.

Professional DJ/MCs should always provide written agreements for their services. It provides legal protection for both parties and gives your DJ/MC the information they needs to entertain your guests properly.

The contract/agreement should include the following:

  • The name of the DJ (Vendor) and the name of the person responsible for payment (Client).
  • The venue name, address, contact person, date and time of the reception, including starting and ending time
  • The details of services provided by the Vendor
  • The details of services provided by the Client
  • The total price to be paid for the DJ’s services
  • When payment of the balance is due
  • Overtime Details

Usually a deposit and a FUNCTION BOOKING SHEET are required to “book ” your date.
The FUNCTION BOOKING SHEET should note your deposit payment and the balance due.




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  • John was our DJ and MC on our wedding night and he was absolutely fantastic! We had a Halloween wedding and from the moment we first met him, we knew he was the right choice! He took the time to listen to our requests and concerns and was there for us every step of the way! He helped us to create such a magical night and atmosphere and he really went the extra mile! He consistently checked in with us throughout the planning process and offered feedback and ideas on multiple areas of the wedding that were extremely helpful! John was worth every penny, and we wouldn't change choosing him for the world!

    Melissa Farkas Avatar
    Melissa Farkas
  • My 50th fancy dress birthday party in Melbourne would not have been a great success without Dj Matty by Pro DJ Aust. From the moment I contacted both John and Matty we clicked and they supported me right through all the organisation for the lighting and music I had chosen for the night. Everything was timed perfect for the main dance music to the cutting of the cake and the background music I chose during dinner. The lighting was brilliant it really set the perfect atmosphere for my party. I highly recommend Pro DJ and I look forward to another event with them..Extremely professional, I had one less stress for my night because they knew exactly what to do, they knew exactly what I wanted and it was carried through with no hassles at all. Thank you to John and Matty for making my night a spectacular event ????????????????????????????????????

    reb c Avatar
    reb c
  • John is more than a great DJ, he is a gentleman. He is as professional and astute as they come. From day one, John listened to what my wife and I envisaged and delivered on the big day. Our family and friends were up on the dance floor the entire night thanks to the music played. Never did we have a problem, John made us certain that all we had to do was enjoy our night and he would do what we asked of him. Truly a magical night and John was a big part of that. There's not many people out there like John, you get more than just the music, you get someone that cares about you and wants to make your special night exactly that. John, we can't thank you enough, what a levendi!

    Con Frossynos Avatar
    Con Frossynos
  • A special thank you to John for doing such an amazing job on our wedding!! John was our DJ and MC for the night, he made sure everything was running smoothly and the music was pumping!

    Lisa Harrison Avatar
    Lisa Harrison
  • John you are a legend! That dancefloor got the biggest workout at our wedding-and that's all thanks to you!

    From the moment we met you, we knew we wanted you to be our dj/mc- not only are you outgoing and fun, you are highly organised and very professional.

    Everyone complimented us on the music, and even the people who don't normally dance were up on the dancefloor.

    Thankyou for your hard work - we really appreciate it


    Adam and Lis

    Adam Goodhew Avatar
    Adam Goodhew
  • John is always a pleasure to deal with. We have used John a number of times for our school functions and year after year he never disappoints. He plays appropriate music for the kids that keeps them on the dance floor for hours. Thanks again John!!!!

    Melissa Maughan Avatar
    Melissa Maughan
  • Great M/C & DJ! John kept our daughter's wedding on schedule & was easy going & highly professional. No hesitation in recommending him! Thank you John!!

    Lea Armstrong Avatar
    Lea Armstrong
  • John was the dj and mc for our wedding and was outstandingly professional and accommodating. He was able to capture the attention of our guests and played all the music we wanted and had everyone up dancing for hours. John is polite, very understanding and it genuinely felt like we had just had another family member on the decks and mc'ing, he is family orientated and was a perfect host for our intimate yet laid back wedding. Thank you John!! Kristof and Annie

    Annie-Maude Szántó Avatar
    Annie-Maude Szántó
  • From the first meeting with John, My husband and i felt like we had known him all our life, He genuinely wanted to know us and what we wanted for our big day, He has so much experience and knowledge, he was able to give us so many ideas and tips and we walked away from our first meeting completely and utterly humbled, the decision to choose John was so easy based off our first meeting. John was absolutely amazing on our Wedding day, He honestly made our wedding reception so easy and relaxed for my husband and i, He was such a professional yet down to earth, genuine and so easy to work with. Our guests are still calling and texting saying how wonderful he was. He Honestly made our wedding reception run so smoothly without any issues at all.
    We would highly recommend John for ANY DJ and MC Need without a doubt in the world.
    Thank you so much.

    Veronica Salazar León Avatar
    Veronica Salazar León
  • 10 Star for DJ John, from the moment we met him till after the wedding, John was absolutely a professional person by all means. The day we met him we told him our requirements from the reception at the Tea Room QVB and the budget we can afford for a DJ and MC and he work around it for us. We got too busy leading to the wedding and we didn't have the chance to set another appointment so we communicated through emails and sms. We felt sorry that we gave him the lists of songs the day before the wedding and yet he made the night really beautiful and well planned and executed as it was rehearse over and over again. He set up the reception the way we wanted it with the lights etc and he set the mood for everyone and made the night a very special and memorable wedding. Our guests commented that he was such a friendly and very professional person. He went above what we require to the point of offering drinks to guests and to us. It was like John was an old time friend that he knows exactly what we wanted even though we were not able to communicate much due to our very schedule. We couldn't ask for more from him. We didn't expect most of our guests to dance but somehow John made everyone to the dance floor. The best DJ and MC and the best person to work with. Will definitely work with him again in the future if we needed same service.

    Cj Unicomb Avatar
    Cj Unicomb