Rare Audio - CONCEPT DIVA RA-D1500 (1600 watts)

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Rare Audio - CONCEPT DIVA RA-D1500 (1600 watts)

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The RA-D1500-BLK 1600 Watt PA System consists of two active 15" subwoofers that power two satellite speakers. Each satellite contains six Zebra 4" drivers and a high frequency driver, each housed in an aluminium enclosure. These systems need to be heard to be believed. Each sub unit is not only super-efficient but weighs only 36kg!
This system delivers 1600 watts of "D" class power. Volume controls for sub and top box are mounted on the back panel of the sub. There is a frequency control that lets you tailor the bottom end response to your application. No need to carry speaker stands around, as the Diva satellites mount on poles attached to the sub. The dual 15'' subs deliver excellent bottom end reponse, and is still portable enough to be transported in most passenger vehicles.

For Bands , Duo and Solo Performers - The Diva can fit on small stages and in areas that regular systems of similar capabilities cannot.
Karaoke - From lounge room to stage, the Diva produces super clear vocals and powerful bass.
Corporate - Integrate your Diva with your AV System for impressive and professional corporate presentations. 
Simply link multiple units together for larger applications. 
Also great for cinema audio applications.

2 x Subwoofers
2 x Top Speakers
2 x Metal Heavy Duty Adjustable Speaker-to-Sub Stand, Max Extension: 1.4m
Bonus Heavy-Duty Carry Bag and 2 X Subwoofer Covers.

15” Dia. with 3” Voice Coil, 4 Ohm
Freq. Response: 40-200 Hz
Sensitivity (1W/1M): 102 dB
Max. SPL: 129 dB
Amplifier: 600W RMS
Weight: 36Kg
Dimensions: 54cm x 43cm x 59cm

6 x 4” Mid Speakers & HF Horn (8 ohm)
Freq. Response: 80 Hz-18 KHz
Sensitivity (1W/1M): 89 dB
Max. SPL: 114 dB
Amplifier: 200W RMS
Weight: 7Kg
Dimensions: Dimensions: 13cm x 81cm x 12.5cm