Denon DND4500 with DNX500 mixer in road case

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Denon DND4500 with DNX500 mixer in road case

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The DN-4500 is a professional dual CD player designed for mobile DJs and night club installation. 
The DN-4500 incorporates the convenience of both CD and MP3 CD compatibility, making it easier for mobile
and club jocks to access hundreds of titles without the extra weight.

The MP3-CD format is capable of storing hundreds of titles and the DN-4500's unique CD Text and File Search system
delivers easy access to titles during a set. A wide range of pitch ranges are user selectable for both CD and MP3 formats. 
Additional features include 2 seamless loop points, 2 hot stutter starts and adjustable brake effect.

CD & MP3-CD Format
The DN-D4500 supports CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3-CD for access to hundreds of titles on just a few CDs.

Advanced Search System
The CD Text and MP3 File Search system enables quick and easy access to song titles during a DJ set.

Seamless Loop Points
The DN-D4500 delivers 2 seamless loop points and 2 hot stutter starts.

S/PDIF and Analog Outputs
Standard RCA analog outputs are featured along with digital S/PDIF outputs for direct digital connection to CD recorders, computer interfaces, etc.

Adjustable Pitch and Brake
Wide adjustable pitch ranges are featured on both CD and MP3 formats. Adjustable brake effect is featured as well.

MP3 Playback (CBR/VBR) up to 320kbps
MP3 File Search System
CD Text / ID3 Tag Support
CD-R/RW Disc Playback
2 Hot Starts/Stutter per drive
2 Seamless Loops per drive w/B Point Trim
Illuminated action buttons and drive trays for low light environments
CD Memo Function (up to 1,000)
Power on Playback
Relay Playback (with overlap function)
Pitch Control: ±4.0/10.0/16.0/24.0/50.0/100.0%(CD) : ±4.0/10.0/16.0%(MP3)
Platter Hold (Jog Bend): ±99% max
Key Adjust
E.O.M. (end of track alert)
Brake function
Auto BPM Counter
Shock Proof Memory (Audio CD: 20 sec., MP3: 100 sec.)
Fader Start
Bar segment display
Instant Start
Track Select Knob
Sleep function


The Denon DN-X500

The Denon DN-X500 is a highly versatile, cost effective four-channel mixer that is designed to suite the needs of professional touring DJs, home DJs and nightclub installations. The DNX-500 features a total of four channels with two phono (turntable) inputs and up to ten line-level inputs (eight are dedicated, two are phono / line switchable). The mixer's internal routing matrix enables any input signal to be routed to any channel without re-wiring.
The DN-X500 delivers Denon's high quality sound and every channel features a three-band EQ with kill on High, Mid and Low frequencies. 60mm VCA channel level and fader ensures smooth, accurate transitions and level stability. The DN-X500 features a send and return to external effects processors. The external Send/Returns are assignable to any input channel and provides Dry/Wet, Effect Cuing and On/Off controls.
With additional features that include balanced XLR outputs and Fader Start support for mp3 and CD players, the Denon DN-X500 will prove to be a reliable workhorse mixer in any touring rig and nightclub DJ booth.

Four Channels
The Denon DN-X500 features four channels with two phono (turntable) inputs and up to ten line-level inputs (eight dedicated line inputs).

Input Routing Matrix
Input routing matrix routes audio input signal to any (or all) of the four channels without the need to re-wire.

Three-Band EQ with Kill
All inputs feature a three-band EQ with high, mid and low frequency kill.

Effects Send and Return
The effect send and returns provide routing to external effects processors. Any channel may be assigned for routing and Dry/Wet, Cuing (Pre & Post) and On/Off controls are provided.

Balanced Outputs
The DN-X500 feature balanced outputs on XLR connectors. Unbalanced outputs on RCA phono connectors are also provided.

Mono Sub Output
A Mono sub output is provided for feeding sub-woofers. A frequency contour dial is provided for low frequency adjustment.

Optional Rotary Level Control
The 60mm level faders may be replaced with the optional ACD-46 rotary dials for professional nightclub installation. The crossfader remains installed for versatile operation between Hip-Hop, House and electronic music genres.

Remote Start Support
All channels support remote fader start for external mp3 and CD players.

Comprehensive Metering
All inputs and main stereo output feature independent Peak LEDs for accurate read of channel and stereo output level.

Total # Of Channels - 4
Input Connectors - Turntable / Line (Switchable) - RCA Phono x2
Line - RCA Phono x 8
Main Mic - XLR & 1/4" Phone Combi-Connector
AUX Mic - 1/4" Phone
Effect Return - Stereo L/R 1/4" Phone
Output Connectors    Master Out (Balanced) - Stereo L/R XLR
Master Out (Unbalanced) - Stereo L/R RCA Phono
Booth (Monitor) - Stereo L/R 1/4" Phone
Effects Send - Stereo L/R 1/4" Phone
Subwoofer / Lighting - 1/4" Phone Connector
Record Out - Stereo L/R RCA Phono
Remote Start - 1/8" (3.5mm) Mini x5
Signal to Noise Ratio     Line - 82dB (0 dBm, 1kHz, EQ flat) 
Phono - 75dB (0 dBm, 1kHz, EQ flat)
Main Mic - 65dB (0 dBm, 1kHz, EQ flat)
Frequency Response     Line - 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB
Phono - 20Hz to 20kHz RIAA +/- 2dB
Mic - 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB
EQ Section     Channel EQ: 
Hi - +10dB, -35dB (16 kHz)
Mid - +10dB, -35dB (1 kHz) 
Low - +6dB, -35dB (60 Hz)
Hi - +12dB, -12dB (10 kHz)
Mid - +12dB, -12dB (1 kHz) 
Low - +12dB, -12dB (100 Hz)
Power     AC120 V +/- 10%, 60Hz
Consumption: 27W
Dimensions     19 x 4.4 x 6.9" (482 x 112.5 x 177mm) (WxHxD)
Weight     13 lbs (5.8 kg)