Welcome to our Music Selection Page. Here you can select various songs you'd like to be played at your event, or songs that you don't want to be played. Making these selections is now easier than ever.

We have prepared a Search Engine available to find that specific song you're looking for. Click on Search Our Music Library and Create a Request list below.

If that is not fine tuned enough,, we have also prepared a number of Most Popular Songs lists that will narrow down the song selections to certain decades, genres and event types. Click on the drop down menu near Select a List to see for yourself.

When you have found the song you are after, click the GREEN plus icon to Add it to your list, or the YELLOW plus icon to inquire if it is possible to play this song at your event or the RED plus icon to the DO NOT play list.

Once you've made your selections, CLICK THE BACK BUTTON then enter in your contact and event details and click on SUBMIT

We can also help you create a password protected CLIENT PROFILE where you can log in and edit your Function Details as you see fit

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