Welcome to  Personalized Monogram Gobo Projections.

 How this works is that a gobo disc with your design, is manufactured onto a metal or glass disc or is printed onto transparency paper, and then placed into a projection light, which is mounted onto a stand and is set up to project your image on a feature wall or on the dance floor.

Doing it properly is that the manufacturer prints this onto a metal or glass disc, they send the disc to us, we place it into the light and take a photo and send it to you for your review.

In this case we direct our clients to deal directly with the manufacturer to discuss design, then manufacture, and then they deliver the disc to us. This costs approximately $250

 The other option , is that we can also print your design onto transparency paper, and cut the image out and use It instead of the disc, this is a cheaper option. However this does not look as good though.

 This service is 1.5 hour of our time, and no charge for the printing ink and materials, total is $90

Here is what the Printed versions look like:

You can see the black is not truly blocked out as it is printed.

Here are what the genuine gobo discs look like when projected:

In addition to this cost are the following:

In addition to the disc,  delivery and Setup  / hire of stand / hire of projection light / Pack up and Pick up is $330 within the Sydney Metro area.

Should you be interested in either of these projections please let us know which option you are interested by clicking on the CONTACT US button.